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5 mistakes people make when searching for a wedding photographer

Contributed Post by Jessica Howarth

It’s your wedding day, the sun is shining; you and your love both look your best, as do all of your smiling, adoring guests. Try as you might, you want to soak up every second of that long-awaited day and remember every moment. But in the excitement of the day, everything becomes a blur. Thank goodness you hired an excellent wedding photographer to capture everything so you can look back and relive the day. Right?

Beware, not all wedding photographers are created equal – you don’t want to look back on 200 photos of just your shoes, blurred faces, or everyone’s eyes closed in that all-important family shot. Below are 5 of the biggest mistakes people make when searching for a wedding photographer and how to avoid them.

bride and groom stand on lawn of The Elms with bride's veil behind them

1. Selecting someone too quickly

It can be tempting to book all of your suppliers as soon as you’re engaged. Selecting the right wedding photographer for your big day shouldn’t be one of them. Make sure you browse a few different photographers’ portfolios. Ideally have face-to-face meetings with at least two so you can compare and contrast. Above all, go with your gut.

2. If it feels wrong…it probably is

On the note of going with your gut feelings – do trust your instincts. Just because a friend loved their wedding photographer and gushed over his photos, doesn’t mean that photographer is right for you. It’s vital that you get on well with your chosen photographer, suggests The Wedding Community website. After all, they’ll play an important role throughout your big day. Make sure you like your chosen photographer and their imaging style.

3. Don’t ignore the small print

As with any supplier you book, it’s super important you don’t ignore the small print when booking your photographer. In the wake of the recent pandemic, it’s particularly important that you understand your photographer’s rules, including their rescheduling policy, so you don’t end up losing money should the worst happen. You’ll also want to watch out for your photographer’s rules regarding print and digital photos, as many now only provide prints.

5 mistakes people make when searching for a wedding photographer: tips from Rhode Island wedding photographer Sara Zarrella Photography

4. Picking the wrong focus points

Do you really want a huge, staged photo of everyone outside of your venue? If you do that’s completely fine, but really think about what you want to see in your wedding album, as well as what you’d rather miss. Brides magazine recommends making extra time for, along with 29 other popular shots they feel no couple should miss. Make sure you know what your options are and, again, go with your gut.

5. Don’t ask someone you know

Obviously, if you know the world’s best wedding photographer, you might want to ask them (and get a good price to boot!), but don’t ask a friend or family member with a good camera to take your wedding photos. It will put undue pressure on them and may even strain your relationship in the aftermath if the photos don’t turn out as expected. Wedding photos should be taken by a professional you trust and feel good about.

5 mistakes people make when searching for a wedding photographer: tips from Rhode Island wedding photographer Sara Zarrella Photography

The takeaway

Weddings are a big deal and you’ll either cherish or dislike your photos for years to come. It really shouldn’t be the latter, so you’ll want to make sure you follow the above tips and get a photographer you like and feel good about, with small print you can get on board with.

At Sara Zarrella Photography, we’re passionate about capturing your big day the way you want it to be remembered. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.