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Marissa and Joe

Marissa and Joe invited me over to their house for their engagement shoot a few weeks ago.  Their house sits on beautiful manicured property! To them, this was such a great way to warm up their house as they had only been living there for about a week.  I was so happy that my pictures were one of the ways that I could have welcomed them to their new home.

I asked Marissa and Joe how they originally met, and they told me that they were introduced through their friends, who were a couple, and thats what got them here today. Soon we started the shooting and Marissa and Joe were rocking the camera.  I noticed that Joe was slightly gravitating towards there fire-pit that was in their back yard.  Joe told me about the fire-pit, and how much he loved it, so of course I wanted to take some pictures with them by one of their favorite spots in their yard!

Marissa and Joe loved being in front of the lens, and they truly were owning it! But soon enough, someone had to come along and take away their spotlight! Their dog! She was such a cutie, and you can tell that Marissa and Joe really loved their little new pup who they just recused! Soon, we finished and I was sad to go, but I knew that the shoot had been awesome, and the images would be too.

I can not wait until April 2, 2011 when I get to shoot more of Marissa and Joe at Crystal Lake!