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5 Reasons To Do A “First Look” – At Your Wedding

To do a first look, or not to do a first look? Of all the decisions you’ve made so far for your wedding, this one is often a little easier on the nerves since it really only affects you and your future spouse. However, whether you decide to see your groom for the first time before the wedding or at the ceremony, it will be special no matter what. Read on to help you decide which option is best for you!

Sara Zarrella Photography

  1. A special private moment

If you opt for a first look, you get to enjoy an intimate private moment with your love one before the festivities begin. You’ll have a chance to really take in the fact that you are about to get married—yay! You’ll be able to tell them how great they look in his tux, and he’ll surely ogle over you in your dress!


  1. Nerves will float away

I have found that brides and grooms that choose to do a first look are more relaxed during the day. If you have any butterflies at all, they simply melt away when you see each other for the first time and you can enjoy the rest of the day to its fullest.


  1. You can enjoy cocktail hour, your bridal party and family

You only get a few chances in life to enjoy your friends and family together in one room. If you choose to do a first look, then immediately following the ceremony you get to celebrate with your loved ones.


  1. Your hair, makeup and bouquet look the best

You spend a good amount of time getting “beautified” on the day of the wedding. Your hair and makeup are professionally done, the dress is perfectly pressed and your newly arranged bouquet is delivered to your room. If you choose to see your man before the ceremony, all of these things look their best and help create great pictures! If you wait until after the ceremony, you have given a lot of hugs, makeup has worn off (or smudged from happy tears) and the bouquet can start to wilt.


  1. Walking down the aisle is still a special moment

Some couples think that if they do a first look it will take away from the moment you walk down the aisle. This is definitely not the case! When we set up the wedding day itinerary, we make sure you finish pictures at least 30 minutes before the ceremony starts, giving you time to freshen up and tuck yourself away. When those doors open and you walk down the aisle, it will be the most special moment no matter what you did beforehand!