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Jessica & Eric – Hyatt Regency – Newport, Rhode Island

Happy Anniversary, Jessica and Eric!

Jessica, I bet you’re flying your hubby somewhere fun for your anniversary right now! 😉 (Fun Fact: Jessica was in the process of getting her pilot’s license when I met her!)

I remember the wedding like it was yesterday…
On the big day, I met Jessica at the hotel where she was getting ready with her girls at the spa in the Newport Hyatt. We got some really fun pictures at the salon at the Hyatt, where the bride was treated to gorgeous hair and makeup. 🙂

I headed to the church and met Eric there – what a relaxed groom! He was not nervous at all – just excited to see his bride-to-be. I love to photograph a man who is so happy and ready to get the show on the road! 🙂

After a full mass ceremony, we went to the Hyatt, where we took advantage of the gorgeous November weather. Although this was a bit of a windy fall day by the water, the sky was blue and gorgeous – only fitting for Jessica, the pilot-in-training! We got some sweet shots by the lighthouse, and some fun photos of the ladies with the Eric. 🙂

Despite the breeze, the bridesmaids kept warm because Jessica thought of everything! She provided them with some cute shawls as a gift – a beautiful tan color to complement their stunning black dresses, which added a touch of whimsy to their photographs. 🙂

PRO TIP: If your wedding is to be during a change in seasons, a shawl is a great bridesmaid gift – and your photographer will love it!

We started to head into the ballroom for the reception, but at that moment, I noticed that the sky had turned such a radiant blue, with a perfect golden sun. I asked Jessica and Eric to stay outside for a bit while the rest of the wedding party headed into the ballroom, so that we could take advantage of the gorgeous sky – a photographer’s dream!

After our extended outdoor session, we headed in for the reception, where Jessica and Eric partied the night away with their loved ones. What a beautiful celebration of love! I’m thinking of you two today, and wishing you many more years of joy!

Hair and Makeup: Hyatt Regency
Flowers: Golden Gate Studios
Music: Sultans of Swing