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Photographing around Rhode Island and Southern New England; Newport, Providence, Block Island 

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A little serendipity with Lindsey and Lareto!

Lindsey and Lareto will be getting married on August 13, 2010 at the Officer’s Club and they wanted their engagement photos to be in a different setting from the images we’ll be capturing at their wedding. So, we went to the city …

Lindsey and Lareto‘s Engagement Session took us to Downtown Providence at the beginning of October, 2009. Being a typically beautiful Rhode Island Autumn day, we kept it casual and decided to stroll Providence, photographing all the way.

Ever since Lindsey and Lareto became engaged and began planning their wedding, it seems as though everything has practically been predestined … written in the stars, if you will. I’ll give you a few examples to show you what I mean …

One day, not long after Lareto proposed to Lindsey, she was waitressing and at two separate tables and two different times, two of my brides (who, in fact, don’t know one another), happened to be dining and seated in Lindsey’s section. They each noticed Lindsey’s engagement ring, commented on it and mentioned they had recently gotten married and suggested me to be their photographer! Taking that as a sign, she called me and we began our planning.

Another day, she was driving along and came to a stop light. While waiting for the light to change, she happened to look up and see a dress in the storefront that she thought was pretty. She decided to park and run in for the heck of it and try it on! It fit like a glove so, of course, she bought it!

On yet another day, she happened to be chatting with a friend and mentioned that she had always wanted to get married at the Officer’s Club but couldn’t without a sponsor … he just happened be in the military and was more than willing to offer the couple a sponsorship!

These things have been happening all along during the course of their relationship. Even when they met … a friend of Lareto’s just happened to think that Lareto might find his friend, Lindsey, to be enthralling – so they met and the attraction was very mutual! I’m thinkin’ that some things are simply meant to be!!!

Come back next summer for the continuing star-written story of Lindsey and Lareto ….

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