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Photographing around Rhode Island and Southern New England; Newport, Providence, Block Island 

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LaWanda and Salvatore’s Big Day!

LaWanda and Salvatore’s love story is probably more like most fairy tales you read about as a child. You know – odds piling up against true love and then finally, they get to live happily ever after.

They met at Twin River where they were both employees. LaWanda remembers she wasn’t very interested in a relationship, even though he pursued her for an entire year! (Talk about perseverance!) In fact, LaWanda admits she strung him along a bit.

One day, Salvatore finally asked LaWanda, “Just give me a chance.” He promised he would “make her happy and never do her wrong”. He asked for one chance to ultimately impress her.

LaWanda gave in and said, “Okay – ONE chance!” His one chance to ultimately impress her was granted.

He took her out to dinner that night and, “That was it! I was in love!”

Sometimes, when she thinks back, she almost wishes she could somehow kick herself in her “own behind” for very nearly letting the man of her dreams get away!
LaWanda says that, “Every day is completely brand new! Every morning when I look at him, it’s like seeing him for the first time and I fall in love with him all over again! He’s so sweet and so, SO good to me.”

On August 15, 2009 – LaWanda and Salvatore tied the knot. I guess, sometimes, falling in love isn’t always perfect. Sometimes, it can be like a diamond in the rough … with some diligent polishing, all its beauty eventually shines through!

Enjoy your fairy tale!