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Behind the Scenes of Bridal Beauty | Interview with Krystal Dent of KMD Beauty | Wedding Secrets Unveiled! Podcast 

Today on the podcast, Sara interviews Krystal Dent of KMD Beauty about bridal beauty secrets. Krystal shares here industry insider knowledge of trends, tips and tricks to help you have the best experience from beauty trial to wedding day! From the skin care she recommends to the secret behind how brides are adding pearls to their hairstyles, this episode is jam-packed with everything you need to know to help you achieve the look you desire for your wedding day! 

Behind the Scenes of Bridal Beauty with Krystal Dent of KMD Beauty on Wedding Secrets Unveiled! Learn beauty tricks for your wedding day

Meet Krystal. 

I’m a bridal hair and makeup artist, but I also offer color and cuts in my studio in Warwick, RI. We offer hair styling, as well as showcase clothing from all over the country and a little café. It’s fun! 

How did you get into owning your own salon?

I was working at Calma Salon in Cranston for about 11 years. The owners at the time really helped me and guided me through my years after graduation. Eventually I began to rent and now I own my own studio! 

What’s different between your salon and other salons in the area?

So, usually at a regular salon, you’d walk through the door and usually there’ll be stations right next to each other and mirrors. Stylists are side by side. But the difference at RG is that when you walk in, the first thing you see is all the rooms. Stylists rent their own studio from me. Down the middle, we have our clothes and café! 

I love it. What a trendsetter! What made you want to get into beauty?

Well, I’ve always liked it, since I was younger. I feel like it’s kind of like a natural hidden talent almost. I used to put makeup on my papa when I was little. So that’s kind of how it started. And I just always loved it. 

What is your favorite part of what you do?

My favorite part is probably bridal work. I love being a part of people’s special days. I think that honestly that helped to launch my career. 

What are looks that are popular right now for brides?

I would say one of the most popular trends I’m seeing right now is the pearl trend for hair. So either you do a Hollywood wave look, an updo, or a half up half down style. And people are adding pieces of pearls, all different sizes and gluing them in different areas of the hair. It looks so classy and beautiful. 

Braids are still here, too. I feel like they will forever be here! Boho is also a favorite style of mine: loose, romantic, trendy and bohemian. So that’s the perfect style for a wedding whether it’s a bride or bridesmaid.

Behind the Scenes of Bridal Beauty with Krystal Dent of KMD Beauty on Wedding Secrets Unveiled! Learn beauty tricks for your wedding day

What about trends for makeup? 

Makeup I’d say is going more natural. I do a lot of looks that are like really glowy on the skin but more of a natural eye. They might have a little shimmer and a little lash in line or it just takes it over the top. Sometimes lashes really help to make the eyes pop and look good in photos. 

So as far as the makeup goes, what type of makeup do you use? 

I do both airbrush and traditional, but I usually stick to traditional, just because I feel like you can give that airbrush look with a damp beauty blender. Traditional gives your foundation a velvety finish, so I do love that. But airbrush is great as well. It’s also waterproof and doesn’t move. So, that’s always nice, too! 

What are the pros and cons of natural or airbrush?

I think the only difference would be that airbrush is sprayed out of a little gun. But I feel like it gives the same effect, and you can also use waterproof products with regular makeup. It’s not different when it comes to the product. It’s the way it gets applied. 

I’ve been asked by brides if they should avoid mineral makeup. Is that true?

I feel like if you don’t layer and you just want to put a mineral power on, it could look funny with the flash from the camera. That’s why layering is important. You want to make sure your skincare is on point, that your primary is good, and powder is usually last. That keeps everything intact and makes sure you aren’t shiny. 

How do you prep your skin for the big day? Any tips for our listeners? 

Definitely start getting into facials a few months before your wedding! I can’t stress it enough. That’s one of my favorite things to do – and I don’t even wear makeup. But, it helps you to get your pores cleaned out and will allow make up to be applied much better. Dermaplaning is a great idea, too. It takes off the dead skin and it basically scrapes everything off. Make sure you see an esthetician for that, though! It’s a great little extra step for your skincare. 

Behind the Scenes of Bridal Beauty with Krystal Dent of KMD Beauty on Wedding Secrets Unveiled! Learn beauty tricks for your wedding day

How about hair? What do you suggest that people do for prepping their hair leading up to their big day?

Well, depending on what kind of hair you have, the tips vary. For more curly, coarse thick hair, you can get away with not washing for one or two days. But if you have thinner fine hair, usually I work better on clean hair. So, I suggest that brides either wash it the night before or morning of, but make sure it’s dry by the time your artist gets there. Every stylist is different – so make sure to check with yours if they prefer clean or dirty hair, though. 

Do you see any common inspiration photos or celebrities that brides say they want to look like?

I think for a full glam bride, I usually see a lot of Kim Kardashian pictures. I mean, they’re all beautiful. Who doesn’t want to look like them? For hair, I just get a lot of fun photos from Pinterest or Instagram. 

Do you have any other tips to help brides prepare their skin and hair for their wedding day?

I definitely have a few hidden tricks up my sleeve! So besides facials and skincare, you know you can definitely do some face masks. The under eye patches are really nice, too. I always say teeth whitening as well – don’t forget to do that. On the day of the wedding, try ice rollers to take away puffiness around your face and eyes. 

Behind the Scenes of Bridal Beauty with Krystal Dent of KMD Beauty on Wedding Secrets Unveiled! Learn beauty tricks for your wedding day

Is there anything that people should eat or drink to stay hydrated? 

Hydration is key because it shows through the skin! That’s definitely number one. Try to eat clean and see if it helps your skin, too. 

Can you tell our listeners about a hair and makeup trial? What is it and why does it matter?

I suggest a hair and makeup trial before your big day just to see what kind of styles you want. Whether it’s a few months beforehand, or a few weeks, it’s a great chance to check out the style you want to use and make sure you’re happy with it. If you’re doing a trial for both hair and makeup, it will take about two hours. We’ll go through the different inspiration that they’ve brought and try them out!

I charge for mine and some artists include them, so make sure you check. You can get away without doing one, but it can be really helpful. It’s really up to the clients, whatever they’re comfortable with. If they’ve looked at my work, and they feel pretty confident that I can achieve what they want and that I’m a good fit for them, then that’s awesome. And you know, I take it with a lot of gratitude. 

Should you bring someone to your hair or makeup trial? 

I feel like I do have some people who want to bring guests – like their mom or bridesmaids. That’s fine. They just want to encourage and support the bride. But, I’ve also had family members who come and who aren’t supportive, just asking questions the whole time and asking if it’s what they really want. That can make our bride a little uncomfortable and I’m there to essentially reassure her that everything will be fine. My advice is really to try not to listen to everybody around you, because you want to feel your best self on that day. And the only person that’s going to make you feel that confident is you. 

What are some things that people can think about when they are going to their trial and what should they be getting out of that trial?

Before you come to your trial, definitely have your inspiration photos ready. I always recommend a little hair piece or a comb or even a veil for your look. And, if you already have something, bring it with you. Come prepared, clean hair and clean face. Don’t forget to have questions for your stylist about how we can help or ensure you look your best. 

Behind the Scenes of Bridal Beauty with Krystal Dent of KMD Beauty on Wedding Secrets Unveiled! Learn beauty tricks for your wedding day

When it comes to the wedding day and timelines, how much time do you need for your bridal party to get ready?

There is a formula that’s based on the bridal party and how many members they have. So that’s basically what you go off of when figuring it out. Personally, I can handle up to about 10 to 12 people on my own. But that would just be for either hair or makeup, it wouldn’t be both. I would need to hire someone to do the opposite service of what I’m doing. The time we need really depends on how many people, what you’re doing, and what kind of timelines you’re on for the rest of the day. 

I’ve worked on weddings where the bride needs to be ready by a certain time so that she can go to a first look or something, and we have time to finish the rest of the wedding party. It just depends on what you’re doing. 

How do you prep and make sure nothing gets behind on the wedding day?

I try to time out at least a half hour for touchups so that way you know no one runs late. I definitely take pride on never running late for a wedding. If you’re working with a stylist, maybe talk to them about adding some time in for those touch ups because it’s such a special day. Communication is key. 

Switching gears a little bit… Is there a trendy makeup or hair product out on the market right now?

For hair, I gotta say I’m an Olaplex girl all the way. All my clients are on it for their at home regimen. I just love it – it’s a strengthening repair and bonding system. So it helps with growth, helps with breakage, split ends, and gives shine to your hair.  You can get it at Sephora and Ulta, as well as online. And I carry it in my studio, too! 

For face, I want to say my favorite brand is Charlotte Tilbury. I just love how she caters to all skin types, ages, older women, and so much more. All of her makeup has skincare in it, so that’s amazing. She has great foundations, blushes, contours, and mascaras. Everything is great, but a little pricey… it’s worth it though! 

Behind the Scenes of Bridal Beauty with Krystal Dent of KMD Beauty on Wedding Secrets Unveiled! Learn beauty tricks for your wedding day

Let’s talk about tipping and paying your stylist now. Is it customary to tip for a wedding day? Who pays for the services usually?

It is customary! All of your vendors work so hard and we’re taking a lot of time to be there. I’ve actually added it to my contract because I’ve had some bad experiences with it. It’s always hard if you have a second person with you – you feel bad if they don’t get anything extra. I usually add 15-20% to the contract for the tip. I think if people are providing a service, they deserve the tip. 

As far as who pays for it, sometimes moms take care of it. And sometimes the bride wants to pay for half or part of it for her bridal party. I think it just all depends on your budget and what you can afford.

Is there anything you want to leave our listeners with, like tips and tricks or things they should think about?

I can’t stress enough to stay in touch with your stylist. Make sure you’re on the same page as far as prep – clean or dirty hair, teeth whitening, all that jazz. The same goes with your schedule. Talk with your stylist and ensure everyone knows what’s going on. 

As far as the night before, everyone tends to want to go wild and crazy. But, we want you to look your best… and if you’re dehydrated, that might not work out so well. Make sure you’re taking baby steps to look your best. Drink some water, consider a little eye patch or lip mask and relax. The reality is that there’s only so much you can do if you don’t take care of yourself. It only goes as far as what you give us in terms of prep. So the better that you prep, the better everything’s going to go. 

Wrap-Up Question

What are some key points that brides should be asking their beauty and hair stylist when they are inquiring to make sure that they are working with a professional company to ensure that their wedding day is absolutely perfect?

I would definitely communicate and coordinate schedules. You want to know what time you’re starting and what time you need to end, especially if you’re doing a first look or anything like that. 

I would ask what products they use. This is especially important if you have any allergies or sensitive skin. It’s good to ask and make sure you know so there’s no trouble the day of your wedding. 

Finally, I would also ask who and how many stylists they’re bringing. This depends on the size wedding you have and who’s getting their hair and makeup done so you’re on time for the day. 

Behind the Scenes of Bridal Beauty with Krystal Dent of KMD Beauty on Wedding Secrets Unveiled! Learn beauty tricks for your wedding day

What We Discussed

Popular bridal beauty trends (5:41)

Makeup types (7:43)

Tips to prep your skin before your wedding (9:44)

How to prepare your hair before your wedding day (10:58)

More tips for prepping your skin (14:12)

All about makeup + hair trials (15:21)

Krystal’s favorite makeup and hair products (27:23)

Wrap-up questions (35:58)

Links Mentioned in the Episode

You can find KMD Beauty: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Visit the Salon: 1775 Bald Hill Road, Warwick RI

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