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Why Is It Important for Your Videographer and Photographer to Work Well Together? | Interview with Mike Picard | Mike Picard Motion Pictures

We’ve known Mike Picard of Mike Picard Motion Pictures for almost 18 years…pretty much the entire time we’ve been in business. There’s been many a wedding we’ve worked side by side, together. And, today, on Wedding Secrets Unveiled! we’re diving into why your videographer and photographer should work well together. There was no one else I’d rather have to talk about this topic!

Meet Mike!

Mike is the owner of Mike Picard Motion Pictures, out of Cumberland, Rhode Island. He’s been running his business for over 20 years, capturing wedding days through video all over New England.

why it's so important for your photographer and videographer to work well together shared by Mike Picard and Sara Zarrella Photography

So, Mike, I get asked all the time “is there a videographer that I work well with?” Literally almost every call! So, why do you think that is? Why is it important for videographers and photographers to work well together?

We’re both going after the same thing – the same scene – and looking for the best moment for the couple. And, when videographers and photographers work well together, we can really be working side by side without causing any issues. When I work with photographers I know well, like you and Dan, I’m able to move around more easily because you know what I’m trying to do and going for. And, if we do work well together, we can both carry the stress of the event. There’s no reason why a videographer couldn’t help a photographer with posing – or a photographer help a videographer with light. We can easily work together and help each other!

Plus, when we know each other well, we can relax and talk, even joke around. This honestly helps our couples relax, too! They’re going to feel like they’re in really good hands with their vendor team.

Most of our followers haven’t planned a wedding before! It can be nerve-wracking picking a videographer and photographer. So how does a couple decide on a vendor? What should they look for?

I think that a couple looking for a photographer or videographer should think about what’s drawing them in – why are they inquiring with you to begin with? There’s a reason they keep coming back to look at your video or photos. So they should really like what they are seeing! And, then, couples should really take the time to meet with their vendors and see if their personalities click.

why it's so important for your photographer and videographer to work well together shared by Mike Picard and Sara Zarrella Photography

What are some other tips you give to your couples when planning a wedding in terms of their photos and videos?

One of the biggest things both for the photographer, and the videographer is to (before the makeup artist goes ahead and sets up), help them make sure they’re facing natural light. When your creative team is documenting those getting ready moments, we want the best light possible. And we encourage our couples to have their details together so we can document them right away – like I know you tell them, too. A bride shouldn’t be scrambling to find her shoes or jewelry when we arrive.

Why it's so important for your photographer and videographer to work well together shared by Mike Picard on Wedding Secrets Unveiled!

What else should couples consider when looking for a videographer and photographer who work well together, especially with COVID-19 restrictions?

Honestly, I think we just have to respect each other. We can’t be on top of each other like we might have been before – so we have to be mindful that each of us has a job to do. Now, we’re having to take turns to do our job instead of just leaning over a photographers shoulder. Our couples just have to remember we’re doing our job – but, we also have to follow the restrictions. And, there’s nothing we can do about that.

why it's so important for your photographer and videographer to work well together shared by Mike Picard and Sara Zarrella Photography

Why is it important for budget to not be such a factor when it comes to videography?

The cost of a videographer can really range from company to company. But, couples should honestly consider that photos and videos are the only way they’re going to be able to relive their wedding day. So, I don’t think the budget should be as big of a concern for those vendors. Obviously, we all need to follow a budget – but, just remember, this is how you’ll relive your day.

Wrap Up Question

What are some key points that couples should be asking videographers when they are inquiring to make sure they are working with a professional company to ensure that their wedding day is a perfect event and can work well together with their photographer?

-Reviews and recommendations

-Meeting in-person or on the phone (talking with them)

-Talking with your photographer and videographer to ask if they’ve worked together before

Why it's important for your videographer and photographer to work well together shared by Mike Picard Motion Pictures

Links Mentioned in the Episode

You can find Mike here: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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