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Wedding Film vs. Video – What is the difference? | Interview with Artistic Wedding Films | Wedding Secrets Unveiled! Podcast

Today, we’re really excited to introduce you to Mike of Artistic Wedding Films on today’s episode of Wedding Secrets Unveiled! We’ve known Mike for 18 years and we’ve worked side by side on many weddings. We couldn’t pass up the chance to have him talk about a wedding film vs. video and what the differences are. Let’s dive in!

Meet Mike!

Mike has been doing wedding videography for the last 20 years. Prior to doing weddings, he was part of the music industry as a keyboard player. In high school, he started to get into the recording arts and wound up working in a recording studio after high school. As he worked there, more opportunities arose to get into editing and it quickly turned into videography work.

Wedding films and videos: what's the difference shared by Artistic Wedding Films

So what is a wedding film exactly? And what’s the difference between a wedding film vs. video?

-Well, once upon a time, a wedding video was a super linear presentation of the day. Getting ready to the end of the reception without much else. It was pretty straight footage.

-Nowadays, in a wedding film, we still document the day. But we try to create something that when you hit “play”, it’s going to take you back to that day… all of the emotions and moments that were part of it. Less linear, but more emotional.

-A wedding film will focus more on the “characters” – the bride, the groom, the emotional moments and what connects them all. We focus on bringing in good quality audio and putting together a real story view of the day in a film.

PS. If you haven’t watched one, their wedding films are seriously amazing.

Can you tell us more about your finished products and films? How long are they?

A highlight film is usually 5 to 6 minutes long. It’s definitely the sweet spot for a really great timeframe to be able to tell enough story. It’s more of a cinematic approach, and that’s why we call it a film.

But not every studio’s version of a “film” is the same, right?

Right. And that can totally make it confusing for couples trying to compare videographers. So, there’s a few things to look for instead when you look for a videographer:

  • Their creative approach
  • Does the story make you emotional?
  • Can you connect with the “characters?”

What would you say is the average investment for a good videographer?

Probably $2500-$3000. But, do your research and see if you like the product and if it’s professional. If it is, take the time to understand their company and approach a bit more!

Wedding films and videos: what's the difference shared by Artistic Wedding Films

How has filmmaking been affected by COVID? Do you have new options to offer couples?

It’s been stressful, but we’re finding ways to help our clients. Now, we have a professional live streaming setup, where we can livestream to YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, or zoom. Zoom has been the more popular one because people know it and they can also interact with their guests. And it’s really great. It is all about connections! It’s a simpler option and they only get one camera angle but people are really liking it.

I’m gonna put you on the spot here. I would love to know… after the years that you have been filming, what’s something very unique that still resonates with you or some advice for couples?

We did a wedding two years ago where the groom got his pilot’s license. His grandfather flew fighter plans and then his dad actually surprised them with a fly by of Mustang airplanes at the end of the ceremony. It’s always stuck with me. You could see the groom get emotional because he had no idea about it… and that’s hard because they’re the ones planning the day. Not much goes on without them knowing.

Where do you primarily work?

We work probably half of our weddings in Newport, Rhode Island. But we also do destination weddings. I kind of like going to the same venues again because every couple makes it their own and you always have a chance to be creative.

Wrap Up Question

What are some key points that couples should be asking video companies when they are inquiring to make sure they are working with a professional company to insure that their wedding day is a perfect event.

  1. Understand the budget you’re working with

2. Visually research their style

3. Get on the phone and talk to your potential videographer

Wedding films and videos: what's the difference shared by Artistic Wedding Films

Links Mentioned in the Episode

You can find Artistic Wedding Films here: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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