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10 Things to Do with Your Girl Squad on the Morning of Your Wedding

Wedding planning is a lot of work – and a lot of fun – but, if we’re being honest, it focuses mostly on the ceremony and your big party afterwards. But what about all those moments in between? As Rhode Island wedding photographers, we’ve had the chance to see SO many wedding mornings take shape. And, over the years, we’ve had the chance to document some really special moments between brides and their girl squads on their wedding mornings. So, today, we wanted to share 10 fun things you can do with your bridesmaids on the morning of your wedding to make it feel like a party all day long!

bride laughs with bridesmaids in blue gowns

#1: Have matching getting ready outfits!

We think it’s so fun when a bride and her bridesmaids have matching pajamas or robes to get ready in! It just makes everyone feel like even more of a squad, plus it looks awesome in photos.

bride throws confetti on bed with bridesmaids during RI wedding

#2: Gift them matching accessories.

Pajamas and robes are great, but depending when you get married, you could also gift your girls something they can use that day. In the winter, you could provide shawls or furs for them to wrap up in during photos or on the dance floor. Spring and summer weddings are famous for an extra pair of dancing shoes like flip-flops or sandals. Pretty, but functional gifts are always a great option!

#3: Create a “Bridesmaid Survival Kit.”

If you’re looking for something fun to put together for your bridesmaids, try a Bridesmaid Survival Kit. You can provide them with extra hair pins, tissues, hand sanitizer, a chocolate bar, nail polish, or whatever else they might need on the day of your wedding. It’s a super easy way to say you’re thinking of them!

bride and bridesmaids prepare for OceanCliff wedding day

#4: Have a mimosa bar while you get ready.

Wedding mornings are notoriously long. There’s hair and makeup to do, dresses to get on, photos to take, and so much more. Make the morning of your wedding even more fun with a mimosa bar for your girls while they get ready. Have the champagne, some fruit juice, and fresh fruit for them to enjoy!

#5: Create a custom playlist.

While you’re getting ready, enjoy a custom playlist you made to get everyone excited for your big day! Blast those tunes, dance around, and get ready to get married!!!

bride prepares for wedding day with two bridesmaids

#6: Book a yoga session.

The morning of your wedding day can feel a bit stressful. Why not unwind with your bridesmaids with a short yoga session first thing in the morning? Unroll those mats and relax together, taking lots of calming breaths before you begin to prep for your wedding.

10 things to do with your bridesmaids on your wedding morning

#7: Decorate + make your space feel exciting.

We’re all about some fun details during your wedding morning! Bring some big balloons or hang up your favorite decorations. Anything that makes the space feel more cheerful will keep everyone’s spirits up – and make your ladies feel appreciated and loved!

bride sits on bed with BRIDE balloons on wall behind her

#8: Have a slumber party the night before.

When was the last time you had a real slumber party? Plan a slumber party the night before with your bridesmaids! Find a space or hotel room that you can rent to fit everyone and enjoy a little extra time together. You can relax with your favorite movie and some wine, or enjoy the time to talk and be together.

bride walks with bridesmaids on the beach in Rhode Island

#9: Give gifts and thank them.

Your bridesmaids are standing up next to you during one of the most important days of your life. A small thank you gift and note can go a long way in making them feel loved and appreciated. Have the gifts out for your girls when they arrive to get ready!

bride laughs with bridesmaids in blue gowns during Rhode Island wedding

#10: Take lots of photos.

Mornings go by fast so have a plan to take portraits with EACH of your bridesmaids and as a full group. It’s so nice to be able to look back and know that you captured a moment with each of the people you asked to be a part of your girl squad.

bride laughs with bridesmaids in pale blue dresses during RI wedding

Bonus Tip: Help them prepare for the day!

Your bridesmaids, especially the maid or matron of honor, have a lot they’re doing on your wedding day. Give them a few of our favorite tips to make things go even more smoothly:

  • Bring scissors. Seriously, everyone always winds up needing them on a wedding day!
  • Write your speech out on paper. It looks better in photos and feels more genuine during the reception.
  • Use mints, not gum, when you’re getting ready. Otherwise everyone just looks like they’re chewing the whole time!
  • Remind them to take their hair ties off their wrists before photos!
bride laughs with bridesmaids during Rhode Island wedding day

We love hearing about all of the ways our brides make their bridesmaids feel special and loved on their wedding day. There’s something really sweet about being able to thank the people who are most important to you! Enjoy your wedding morning with your girl squad and just have fun!!

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