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Photographing around Rhode Island and Southern New England; Newport, Providence, Block Island 

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Michele and Sean

On one sunny, but chilly afternoon, I departed for Roger Williams Park with my gear in the backseat and my tunes blasting. I stepped out of my car to see Michele and Sean, and I instantly knew that this shoot was going to be amazing.  The weather had been bad all week but today god cleared the skies πŸ˜‰ We started walking around the entire park and snapping images every single chance we got. Within just a few shots, I could feel their smiles coming naturally and their giggles became constant.  My A.D.D. kicked in and I was putting them in every little nook and cranny, including a carosel.

The shutter was snapping like crazy, but since we were traveling throughout the entire park, we had a little bit of down time to talk.  Michele told me about how she originally met Sean…  Sean is a West Warwick police officer but at that time he was security guard at the hospital she worked at. Michele told me that back then (with a giggle) he used to check her out.  Michele said that Sean was too “scrawny for her” πŸ˜‰ Years later, Sean was a bouncer at the Harborside, and Michele, just wanting to have a fun night out with the girls, had her ID checked by Sean, who had grown since their last meeting. On this fateful night, it was Michele who was checking Sean out πŸ™‚ .

Michele and Sean are just a fun-loving couple who in my opinion, are absolutely perfect for each other. We got to talking about their wedding on April 2nd, 2011 at the Biltmore Hotel, and I’m already sure that it’s going to be a hit!  I know that the next time we meet face to lens, I will be honored to capture one of the greatest days in their lives.