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Jenalee and Jarad

Now before I tell you more about Jenalee and Jarad, I’d like to tell you why this engagement shoot is really different from the rest. For Jenalee and Jarad’s engagement shoot, we traveled to the 9 most important places to them, and it ended up being such an adventure! So I have considered this engagement shoot to be, “The Nine Wonders of Jenalee and Jarad”.

We started at their first home together, which they still currently reside in. This was the also place where Jarad asked Jenalee to take his hand in marriage. Although they always say, “save the best for last”, Jenalee and Jarad saved the best for first. Their first home is the most important place to both of them. The second place for our adventure was Lippitt Memorial Park, where Jenalee and Jarad told me that they love to spend their mornings and attend the farmers market.

The third spot we encountered was Andreas Restaurant. They informed me that Andreas is special to them because whenever their is need for celebrations (or just nights they would like to go out), they almost always head for Andreas. Yes of course we stopped had one of those big sangria happy drinks Andreas Restaurant serves. The fourth place on the list was Avon Cinema. Jarad told me that Avon was just one of his favorite places to go with Jenalee. The fifth place we traveled to was Prospect Terrace Park. When traveling home from Thayer street, they love to stop at this park, and Jarad told me he loves to watch Jenalee look out over the skyline.

The sixth place we headed to was the Providence Athenaeum. They told me that even though they are new members, they will always continue to love it and it holds a special place in their hearts. The seventh area we went to was Waterplace park. During Waterfire, Jenalee and Jarad love wonder and stop underneath the bridges. The eighth spot we traveled to was the Providence Train Station. To Jarad, this is a place of comfort because once he pulls in, he knows he’s home.  The last place we encountered on the adventure was Capriccio’s. Jenalee and Jarad were meeting their parents there, and we figured we might as well throw it into the bunch. I was sad to let Jenalee and Jarad head for dinner at Capriccio’s, but I was so ready to go home and see the images!


What a treat it was to come into my office one morning and see that Jarad and Jenalee had sent me these flowers made by Twigs as a Thank You for spending the day with them while capturing both of them in their favorite spots.  
I am beyond excited to see Jenalee and Jarad again on July 30th, 2011 to watch them exchange vows!