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Photographing around Rhode Island and Southern New England; Newport, Providence, Block Island 

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Kerri-Lyn and Javan

Before Kerri-Lyn got married, I had already become Kerri-Lyn’s family’s photographer when I began photographing her sister, Kym’s, daughter’s PlayDate Sessions.

Kerri-Lyn is very sweet and it was a pleasure to photograph her marriage to Javan. Theirs is a blending of cultures, as Kerri-Lyn is American and Javan is Bahamian. Kerri-Lyn provided us with her love-story and we’re just going to put it in her own words …
“Javan and I both attended Florida International University(FIU) in Miami, Florida. We met the 2nd week of college when I threw a party in my dorm room. I am a quiet and shy person, so my friends found it both odd and funny that I was having several friends over.

Javan came with his roommate, whom I knew. Javan and I met and spoke of his home, the islands of the Bahamas (where I been numerous times and loved). I considered it to be my “second home.” Javan and I became friends. I honestly was not interested in a relationship, however, Javan, on the other hand “admired me from afar” and thought I was “way out of his league.” During the course of our studies, we bumped into each other several times on campus. Ironically, we both joined the same student organizations on campus and ultimately became best friends. One summer, though, we both had to stay and takes summer courses and that summer … our friendship grew into a relationship. Unfortunately, this was our last year attending FIU. After graduating we both went back home; my home -Rhode island, Javan’s home – the Bahamas. After 6 years of a long distance relationship and countless travels back and forth, Javan proposed to me on January 4, 2007 during one of my visits with him.
Our New England wedding/Caribbean celebration was special in many ways. But the most special moment was when Javan sang Jaime Fox’s “Wedding Vows Song” to me. We now reside in that very island I grew to love … my home sweet home!!!!!” -Kerri-Lyn, 2010
The feeling that day was incredibly festive and Autumn-like. The use of vibrant colors and, with Halloween around the corner, the entire day was enchanting.

After the newlyweds exchanged vows, we all made our way to the Bay Queen, where the reception set sail. The ocean view made for a perfect setting and their romance pervaded the air to set a most inviting mood.

They have since made the Bahamas their home and have set sail on their own loving excursion. Bon Voyage!!!