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Photographing around Rhode Island and Southern New England; Newport, Providence, Block Island 

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Har-Har-Hard at Work!

Here’s Bobby from Main Event with
Bethany and Ryan! As you can see,
we are all diligent and do our best to
keep the “fun” out of FUNction. harharhar
Everybody just loves Bobby … even the brides!
Here’s our gal, Sara … photographing Bethany and Ryan.
Notice Sara gets to wear a jacket (… kinda chilly that day).
Bethany was a real trooper at the Temple to Music at
Roger Williams Park Zoo BY THE LAKE!
Uhmmm, can we say “BREEZY”??? Poor thing.
Here’s our handy-dandy assistant, Kelly,
battling the breeze. Ocean winds and a large “wing”
can often present complications but Kelly manages
to keep her feet planted firmly on the ground …
(like any good assistant would)!
Okay, planted on the step-ladder.
Geesh … talk about semantics!