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Photographing around Rhode Island and Southern New England; Newport, Providence, Block Island 

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Kayti and Winston

Winston and Kayti are high school sweethearts who will be tying the knot in March of 2011, which just happens to be their ninth anniversary.
For that first date almost nine years ago, Winston took Kayti to the Providence Place Mall where they rummaged through some old boxes. Kayti found a pair of sneakers and Winston bought a pair of fake eye glasses … both of which made appearances in their Engagement Session images! (The sneakers are certainly a sign of the times too! hehe)

For the Engagement Session, we all took to their hometown of Swansea, MA to take the photos.

First up, let’s begin with Winston’s motorcycle. You know how most fathers forbid their daughters from riding them? Well, Kayti’s dad SOLD Winston his bike!

Next up … Winston’s best friend, Nick. He drove the fire truck over to help us create a special setting for some of the images. Winston has been a volunteer fire fighter since high school … it’s always great when you’ve got a “brother” who always has your back, right?!

For the longest time, Winston had been promising to pop the question to Kayti “when she least expected it”. The day of December 12, 2008 started out very busy. #1 They had just moved into their new home 5 days before. #2 It was opening night of the play they were both working on and … #3 ~ it was Winston’s birthday! They rushed from a family birthday dinner to the high school to take care of all the last minute details before curtain call. Before the doors were opened to the audience, Winston exclaimed that he had lost his wallet somewhere in the theatre. Kayti followed him through the empty theatre where they had first met and walked unsuspectingly right to the very row of seats where they had their first conversation. Winston’s trusty friend, Nick, was conveniently hiding out at his perch in the lighting booth and shone a purple spotlight on Kayti just as Winston guided her into the aisle and got down on one knee …

(Ahhh the romance and drama – theatre people, huh? hehehe)

Winston will be taking Kayti back to Providence for their biggest date ever on March 26th of 2011 where they will be getting married at the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul with the reception to follow at the Biltmore Hotel, Providence.

Check out the wheels!

Another cool set of wheels!
The “glasses” …
… and the sneakers!
Please remain in your seats for the encore presentation coming in March, 2011!

Kayti and Winston’s slideshow: