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Erika and Matt K-I-S-S-I-N-G in Cedar Key

I ultimately become close with every couple I photograph but it’s always an extra special treat when I have the honor of photographing couples who began as friends and then ask me to photograph one of the most important days in their lives. Erika and Matt are one of those couples!

Erika has been a friend of mine for years. Being in the industry that I am, I see my couples get married every weekend but standing up there and watching a dear friend of mine say her vows (which she wrote) brought me to tears. When you’re a child, you dream about the man you will marry and what your wedding will look like … as teens, Erika and I did just that. When I saw her with Matt for the first time I knew it … I just knew he would be the one to grow old with my friend.
Recently, I flew down to Cedar Key Florida with a colleague for the celebration. I was actually a bridesmaid in their wedding party so I needed to have another photographer with me to cover a handful of the day’s events … however, I of course I had the old image box in my hands for just about every waking opportunity! (I probably would’ve carried that in lieu of flowers if they had let me! haha)

For some of their formals, we hit the streets of downtown Cedar Key and painted it RED (you’ll see)!

Erika and Matt had there ceremony at Matt’s father house on the lawn looking out to the beautiful Gulf ocean. The ceremony was at the perfect time ~ 4:00pm … just as it was setting and creating that beautiful, warm tone.

Their wedding is scheduled to be featured in LaBella Bride Magazine‘s upcoming “Return to Romance” issue too (on stands now!) – how exciting!
Congratulations, you two!!!

Being the artist that Matt is…he made all the signs at the wedding.
See? I told you! Red paint … (hahaha)
More red … we did the curtains too. haha
Best wishes, my dear friends!
Check it out!!! We’ve been featured throughout the entire LaBalla BrideReturn to Romance” issue … on stands NOW! This is the first time the magazine has been published nationally and we’re so very glad to be a part of LaBalla Bride‘s expansion! A full spread featuring our couple, Erika and Matt, and their Cedar Key, Florida wedding!
Good stuff, huh?

We LOVE when we get feedback from our couples! We recently received an e-mail from Erika and Matt after they took a New Year trip to the Big Apple. As they were strolling the city, they found a copy of the latest issue of LaBella Bride‘s magazine at one of the news agent’s stand. Here they are showing off their feature!