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Elizabeth and Michael

Elizabeth and Michael will be celebrating their wedding on August 21, 2010 at OceanCliff. They are so fond of OceanCliff that they wanted to have their Engagement Session photographed there too. The difference in season will provide for lovely contrasting wedding and engagement images.
The day just happened to be one of the coldest November days thus far, so we made great use of the fireplace inside. We’d warm up a bit by the fire, run outside to one setting, run back in and repeat in another setting! hehe
In October of 2006, Liz’s cousin, Juliana, was throwing a birthday party for her new boyfriend, Eric. The party was held at Eric’s apartment in Somerville, MA and Eric had invited many of his friends to the party as well. Upon arrival, Liz was introduced to each of Eric’s guests and the one she found most interesting was Eric’s friend/co-worker, Mike. Liz and Mike spent hours talking that first night and made plans to meet up again soon. Both had a feeling this was the start of something special.
Since Liz lives and works in RI and Mike lives and works in MA, the couple has logged thousands of miles over the past three years – using every opportunity they had to spend time together.
After two and a half years of mile logging, the couple was very much looking forward to a romantic vacation in St. Barth’s. On May 10, 2009, the second evening of their trip, Mike asked Liz to give him a tour of the beach in front of the villa at which they were staying. They didn’t take more than a few steps before Mike took Liz’s hand in his and got down on one knee. He pulled a small black box from the pocket of his board shorts. He said something to the effect of “Elizabeth I love you – Will you marry me?”This was the best and biggest surprise of Liz’s life. She started crying tears of joy; she had no idea that this would happen on the trip! It is definitely a wonderful memory that neither will ever forget.
On any given Saturday and Sunday, when there is good weather, Liz and Mike can be found taking walks at a local beach in MA. What Mike loves most about Liz is her great personality, generous nature, sophisticated style, beautiful looks and her skills in the kitchen. What Liz loves most about Mike is his ability to make her laugh (- always!), his work ethic, thoughtfulness and his passion for life.
The two enjoy spending time with family and friends, eating sushi with a bottle of wine, listening to music, watching sports (especially the Celtics and Patriots), traveling, shopping excursions, trying new recipes in the kitchen and going to the beach.
Come September, we’ll have the rest of their story for you!

You can view Elizabeth and Michael‘s slideshow here:

Update: Elizabeth and Mike are now married, take a look!