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Uncle Harry

Fifty years from now you won’t remember the food or invitations and the details you’re drowning in now will be gone forever.  Fifty years from now only your memories will matter.  It’s essential to give careful consideration as to who will capture these magical moments on your wedding day — a professional or an amateur?  The old adage holds true … you do get what you pay for!

When you hire a professional photographer you’re getting more than just a camera you’re also getting a wedding planner.

A professional who arrives on the wedding day with the ability to unobtrusively capture the events of the day without ever becoming the center of attention. One who will know where to stand, when to anticipate special moments such as when the groom is about to stomp on the glass, or the importance of the crowning at a Greek wedding. Technical knowledge, lighting skills, posing, time management and anticipate key events are all critical for your wedding day.

Why take the chance of Uncle Harry delivering a stack of burned CD’s with questionable images? A professional photographer has unlimited resources to deliver several different media options to showcase your photographs – albums, framed work, reproductions, etceteras.  There is so much available to you than you could ever possibly imagine.  Give us a call – we’re happy to assist you in creating your magical day!